Major Announcement!

DiskCopy, Inc. will be closing on December 31, 2018 after 27 years of serving Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia in e-media services since 1992.  e are located in Northern Virginia just 10 minutes away from The District of Columbia. DiskCopy, Inc. is conveniently positioned near our clients so that we may provide them quick turn around times for their mission critical work.

A little bit of history: We started copying the 5.25" floppy disks and made the quick jump to 3.5" disk, which was revolutionary at that time. Yes, storage went to a whopping 1.44 MB!  With the introduction of cdr's this capacity went up to 670-700 MB depending on brand.  Imagine that very few programs would fill an entire cdr or cdrom as most clients had material that had 20 MB or less to copy.  As time went on we saw that 700 MB would not be enough and dvd-r's were becoming a reality.  What was the next step? Dvd-9, dvd-18 or Blue Ray? None of these formats panned out due to the increasing amount of bandwidth customers were receiving from their internet providers. Will cdroms fade away, not really but their use will not be universal.

We want to thank our wonderful and loyal clients for your support and business as it was greatly appreciated.   It was an honor to serve you.

Our website and contact information will be kept up for some time to allow our clients to contact us if need be.

We also wish to thank some of our friends in the business such as Frank and Brian of Media Supply, John and Steve of Media Control Systems, Michael Blanton of M&D Technology and finally Gary, Mary and Darrel of Spinergy Media.



Michael William Blanton, Born September 23, 1964, Deceased October 03, 2011 Memory Eternal my good friend.


DiskCopy, Inc.  6228 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, VA 22041

Telephone:  (703) 658-3539    Fax:  (703) 831-8900